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The following questions and answers aim to give you an overview of information relating to the treatments and procedures that we carry out at Hilton Skin Clinics. For more information about individual treatments, please visit the Treatments page. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please Contact Us.

If you would like to be chaperoned during your appointment or treatment, please contact a member of staff at the clinic, or contact us before your appointment. You can bring a friend or family member along with you if you would prefer.

Most of the treatments that we offer at Hilton Skin Clinics are entirely non-invasive and pain-free. For some treatments, a topical (local) anaesthetic will be applied to the treated area to minimise discomfort during the procedure. This will wear off after a few hours and you will be able to leave the clinic immediately after the procedure.

One or two of our treatments carry a very small risk of scarring. You will always be advised before treatment if there is a risk of scarring and how to minimise scarring should it occur. Scars will need to be kept out of the sun, as sun damage can slow healing. With the right care, most scars will fade to being barely noticeable after certain lengths of time.

Because our treatments are non-invasive, complications are very rare. The side effects associated with each individual treatment are listed in more detail on each treatment page, and we will also outline any possible side effects or complications at your consultation. Some complications include minor bruising, redness, swelling and some discomfort. However, these complications usually resolve themselves within a few days and can be easily treated with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication.

Assessment and Analysis
Before each treatment or procedure, we’ll assess your skin complaint to decide upon the appropriate treatment plan for you. If you’ve booked in for a series of treatments, we’ll keep assessing your progress along the way so that we can tweak and tailor procedures to suit you. We’ll never recommend a treatment that we don’t believe in and will always use your assessment to decide upon the treatment or procedure that is right for you.

Results can vary depending on the condition of your skin. We’ll discuss possible results and outcomes before each treatment. Generally, you can expect smoother, brighter, firmer, plumper and more youthful-looking skin that is more even in tone and texture from most of our treatments.

We’ll provide you with an appropriate aftercare regime following each and every treatment. For more information about aftercare, either contact us or take a look at our Aftercare page.


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