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Policy | Children in The Clinic

Hilton Skin Clinics cannot allow children (under the age of 16) to come into the treatment areas within the clinic. We also cannot supervise children left unattended in our waiting room at any time. Anyone visiting Hilton Skin Clinics for treatment(s) who wishes to bring a child, or children with them, must also be accompanied by another resposible adult who can chaperone the child/children, in the waiting area, whilst the treatment is performed. Hilton Skin Clinics cannot be held responsible for incidents that might take place under these circumstances and you may be liable for any damage caused by your child/children. If you cannot bring along another adult, please leave all children at home, as failure to provide adequate supervision for them whilst your treatment is performed will result in the immediate cancellation of your appointment and treatment session. If you are on a pay as you go type treatment programme you will lose the value of that treatment, or if you are on a course of treatment then you will forfeit that session from your course. Thus further costs will be incurred by you if you fail to comply with our Children in Clinic Policy.


Please note that we have an agreement with a local creche, which is situated close to the clinic, who are able to offer preferential rates to our clients. Please ask a member of staff at Hilton Skin Clinics is you would like more information on this childcare option whilst you undergo treatment with us.