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Celebrity Must-Have Intravenous Vitamin Drips Now Available at Hilton Skin Clinics in Reading

The much talked about new treatment to offer instant ‘pick-me ups’, ‘immune system reboots’, ‘anti-ageing boosts’ and ‘improved athletic performance’ via a cocktail of intravenously infused vitamins and minerals (vitamin drips) in now available at Hilton Skin Clinics; the only clinic in the Reading and Berkshire area currently providing this service.

These IV vitamin drips, sworn-by celebrities such as Rhianna, Madonna, Simon Cowell and the Kardashians to keep them in tip-top condition for their hectic schedules, come in a variety of bespoke preparations, carefully crafted in a laboratory by Intravita, to address the different deficiencies and associated symptoms that you may be experiencing.

A programme of infusion treatments, such as one per week for a month or longer, or even a single booster (or monthly maintenance) to help out with your busy lifestyle can really make a difference to your overall feeling of well-being and ability to get on and do the things you want to do.

Vitamin drips - IV infusion therapy

Many of us are lacking in some of the key vitamins and minerals that help our bodies to function properly and healthily. With busy work and home lives, and maybe even party lives, we’re often not very kind to our bodies, pushing them to the brink of sleep deprivation, eating the wrong kinds of food, and drinking too much alcohol; all of which means that we don’t get the right balance of core supplements that our bodies need. Often trying to eat more healthily, get more sleep or take oral vitamin tablets simply isn’t practical or enough to give us the boost that we need to get our bodies back on track, and to keep up with the lifestyle that we have made for ourselves – this is where IV infusions could be the answer for you.

Some of the key vitamins we need are:

  • Vitamin C – this is an essential nutrient to maintain good health and development;
  • Vitamin B-12 – this plays a key role in the making of blood and ensuring that our brains and nervous system work normally;
  • Glutathione – this is an antioxidant that is involved in helping our bodies to metabolise iron and also helps to repair DNA. It’s common to find a deficiency in this in athletes and those pushing their bodies with extreme sports or endurance activities.
  • Magnesium Sulphate – low levels of magnesium in the body have an effect on the heart and nervous system and is usually noticeable with symptoms of muscle cramps, shakes or a feeling of weakness.
  • Calcium Gluconate – is an important mineral supplement most commonly used when there are low levels of calcium in the blood, often caused by a vitamin D deficiency.

Intravita IV Drips


The Intravita IV drip range that we use at Hilton Skin Clinics ‘put back’ and treat deficiencies in these key vitamins and minerals which can cause you to have a general feeling of tiredness or malaise, stress or anxiety, being run down with a poor immune system, feeling over worked or over partied.

Our specially trained staff will take a medical and lifestyle history, as well as carrying out various general health checks, to determine the best IV drip option for your treatment. Tailor-made IV infusions that are available include:

  • IV Ultimate Classic Drip has the right mix of intravenous vitamins and minerals plus the added bonus of high dose glutathione for overall wellness, producing increased energy, better sleep and increased endurance.
  • IV Anti-Ageing Drip is formulated with high dose glutathione and a mix of nutrients to fight ageing, restore collagen and even the skin tone.
  • IV Athlete/Sport Drip is designed for those who lead a sporty and active lifestyle. This drip can provide sustainable energy lifts, for those in training, much more effectively than achievable with energy drinks, as it contains high concentrations of all the energy boosting B vitamins and amino acids.
  • IV Diet & Detox Drip is aimed at replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to detox the body and help it to function more efficiently in terms of providing energy and burning off fat.
  • IV Energy Boost Drip is designed as a healthy pick-me-up to boost energy levels. It contains higher doses of all the B Vitamins, higher doses of magnesium and the amino acid taurine.
  • IV Immunity Drip is formulated to replenish vitamin, mineral and amino acid levels for those feeling prone to sickness and tiredness. It also includes high doses of vitamin C, zinc and anti-oxidants.
  • IV Relaxation Drip combines Intravita’s Ultimate Classic Drip with a high dose of glutamine, carnitine and ornithine to aid balance in stressful situations, have a positive effect on peach of mind, improve concentration and aid restorative sleep.

We are also able to offer single booster treatments of an IV B12 Drip or the IV Antioxidant Drip which gives you a boost of glutathione, known as the mother of all antioxidants.

If you’d like more information about intravenous vitamin infusions and how they could help you, then please contact Hilton Skin Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation.

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